Innergy Athlete - Emma Komocki

"As a health professional and runner, I like to keep up-to-date with current health advice for my own performance and in order to advise my clients.  There is a large body of research supporting gut biodiversity and the use of probiotics to maximise the essential nutrient absorption in the body. 

Since taking the probiotic power by Innergy I have noticed a considerable improvement in my energy levels, digestion and ability to build my aerobic fitness quickly.

Previously, I would of be majorly affected when having anything less than eight hours of sleep – being left feeling grouchy, lack of concentration and unable to resist unhealthy eating habits. After taking the probiotic powder I found all these negative impacts to be completely absent despite lack of sleep.

I’m still counting the days from when I last fell ill, even when being in the company of family and colleagues which have suffered with various colds and viruses.

Great product."

The current Auckland Hearts Cricket Physiotherapist, Emma has a background in  athletics in her home country of England. Competing in various sprinting races including hurdle events she featured in national competitions all over the UK.



Innergy Athlete - Emma Komocki