Our Story

The new probiotic evolution

Inspired by Czerral Wheeler, the pioneer of the probiotic revolution - Innergy takes 20 years of research and development around organic probiotics and evolves the patented formula to meet the needs of modern athletes.

About the founders

Innergy was created by Biotic Athlete, a company founded by former New Zealand professional cricketer, Brent Arnel, and ex Oakley representative, Stacey Buchanan.

Brent Arnel

“Quite simply put, I wish I had used a product like this when I was playing.”

Brent Arnel is a former Black Cap and professional cricketer of fifteen years. Following a career hampered with energy lows and constant battles with soreness and sleep problems, he sought to find a solution to these problems for modern athletes. He discovered that the key to performance is in the daily intake of quality nutrients and the world of good bacteria within our system.

Through his connection with Czerral Wheeler (pioneer of probiotics and spirulina) he has discovered and developed the perfect blend of fermented wholefoods and bacteria strains that can best help athletes to perform at their full potential on a daily basis.

Combining his passions for business, exercise, helping others, health and wellbeing, Brent has a driven enthusiasm to use his knowledge of the bacteria kingdom, nutrition and gut health to keep producing quality products to help active people feel and perform at their best.


Stacey Buchanan 

“At 40 years old I feel better now than I did at 30!”

With a passion for all things active, Stacey has been involved in the professional sports and food industries for 15 years. During his 30s Stacey juggled a busy lifestyle that resulted in unhealthy eating habits taking a toll on his health. A friendship with Brent over many competitive games of golf was the beginning of change for Stacey, who for the first time in a long time is giving back to his body and mind and feeling better than ever.  

Bringing their passion for sport, health and wellbeing together to form a company that brings the benefits of Innergy organic probiotics to not just professional athletes but all active people, has allowed Stacey to now provide a beautiful product to those who want to unlock the best from themselves.

Stacey brings a wealth of business knowledge and experience to Innergy and together with the mad scientist, Brent, their vision is to deliver the power of Innergy probiotics to those that believe in being the best version of themselves that they can be.

Our Values

Biotic Athlete was founded on four core values that drive the way we look at the world.

Fuel the soul

Stronger than yesterday

Food is medicine

Commit to the journey