More Athletes Trusting Innergy...

Katy Wardenburg              

"I have been taking Innergy as a product trialist for a few months now. As a half marathon enthusiast, I have really noticed an improvement in my muscle recovery and a boost in my energy levels. I certainly don’t miss the days where I felt really sore after long training runs! I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a boosting supplement…it really works!"

 Olivia Jack,                           

“Using Innergy has improved not only my overall health but also my lifestyle. As a sufferer of Rheumatoid Arthritis I was not able to enjoy exercise without the pain this condition brings to my joints day in day out. After a few weeks on this amazing product I am now enjoying boxing classes, running and outdoor adventures PAIN FREE! My last doctor’s blood test results showed heavily reduced symptoms. I recommend Innergy to everyone!”

 The Madness Strongman, Rich Farrell         l

"Since using Innergy, I’ve noticed less inflammation in my muscles, allowing me to train harder and recover faster. I highly recommend everyone add Innergy to their diet and see the results for themselves." 

NZ Strongman Masters Champ U105kg


Eileen Gillespie             

"I really noticed what Innergy has been doing for my energy levels and recovery from my gym sessions because on the days I forget to take it I just don't feel at my best! It really is a great product!"

Ashlee Strange                             

"As an active woman I enjoy the gym, running, hunting, hiking and being a mother of two young boys. Innergy allows me to keep up with this lifestyle and I just feel my overall health is better on this product!"

Mike Lewis                                       

"As a scientist I'm pretty sceptical about most things until I see the evidence.
So, I've been doing an experiment on myself with Innergy, and guess what, I believe that it works! Just a small spoonful with my morning cereal for a few weeks now and I've had more energy, greater concentration and generally feeling healthier. Having Innergy is the only change to my lifestyle - no diet, no less alcohol, nothing. So there you have it - Innergy works for the over 70s".

Nathan Finlay                                      

"Thanks so much for introducing me to this product. So happy with the benefits and results. Could not go without it now!"

Director / Owner of Design Homes

Jorge Akers

"After one month of using your product, I can happily say I am impressed with it! As a high performance athlete between gyming and training sessions I feel a lot fresher and less sore the next day! I am absolutely going to keep using Innergy!"

 Professional Football Player

More Athletes Trusting Innergy...