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Designed to optimise gut health, boost immunity and increase recovery so you can perform at your best.


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Powerful probiotics

Innergy is a tested and certified organic formula containing billions of live bacteria in every serve.

The live probiotics start work as soon as they enter the mouth, and keep working right through the entire digestive system to enhance the quality of your gut flora and boost immunity levels. 

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16 Certified Organic wholefoods

16 Certified Organic wholefoods

Innergy contains a diverse range of nutrients, instantly saturating your cells + 15 bacteria strains that nature intended we replenish each day.

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Immunity-boosting ingredients

Immunity-boosting ingredients

Innergy is stacked with immunity-boosting vitamins and minerals, including all 20 amino acids for an extra layer of defense.

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Informed Sport Certified

Informed Sport Certified

Designed for high performance, Innergy is certified by the leaders in supplement testing. Giving you peace of mind while you strive for your next PB.

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Tested by the best

"Wellness and recovery are massive in my sport. I feel like I recover and perform at a higher level when consistently using Innergy."

— Tim Mikkelson, All Black Sevens, Co-Captian

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Nathan Harris Waikato Chiefs Rugby Player & Former All Black

“The demands of being a professional athlete make overall wellness extremely important. Innergy provides me with all the nutrients I need so that I can be 100% every day”

The Madness Strongman, Rich Farrell NZ Strongman Masters Champ U105kg

"Since using Innergy, I’ve noticed less inflammation in my muscles, allowing me to train harder and recover faster. I highly recommend everyone add Innergy to their diet and see the results for themselves." 

Daryl Mitchell Black Cap, Christchurch

"I noticed the difference really quickly. My recovery is the best it has ever been and I do enjoy the natural boost of energy."

Richard Judd Professional Rugby Player

"I have a lot more energy while I'm training and my recovery has been way better. Feeling fresh and ready to go again!"

Emma Komocki Physiotherapist - Auckland Cricket

"A considerable improvement in my energy levels, better digestion and an ability to build up my aerobic fitness quickly. Still counting the days since I last had a flu or cold."

Ariane Nicholson Professional Boxer

"This product has helped improve my gut health considerably and has allowed me to train harder with less side effects that intense training can bring about."

David Bason Personal Trainer

"As a professional athlete and PT I am very in tune with my body, since taking Innergy I have noticed a marked improvement in my recovery times from strenuous sessions. Great product that I’ve now ensured is part of my daily routine"

The best of science and nature

Inspired by Czerral Wheeler, the pioneer of the probiotic revolution -  Innergy is 30 years of organic probiotic evolution. How great you can be comes from within.

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