Interview with Czerral Wheeler

Probiotics, wellness and the intelligence of your three brains... 

Czerral Wheeler – the formulator and creator of the world’s first certified organic probiotic superfood. Czerral is a researcher, publisher, and educator with over 30 years of experience in the Natural Health Care Industry and a Masters degree in Ionic Remedies and the study of Vibrational Medicine. His studies on Bacteria and the “Micro-cellular World” have lead him to become one of the foremost teachers on the significance of Probiotics and Organic Nutrient Saturation industry. He came to realize that the very foundation of all life and well-being was dependant on “Bacteria.” From his research came the formulation of an array of innovative product lines containing fermented foods, Lactobacillus Bacteria, a broad spectrum of certified organic nutrients and Spirulina (which he had an exclusive role in introducing to the world market). As an “A” listed speaker at the National Health Federation(s) he quickly became acknowledged as a well-known guest speaker on many radio talk shows and television interviews.
In 1979 he became well known for his exclusive role in introducing Spirulina to the world market. In the 1980s, he became focused on holistic enterprises dealing with research and development of "Super-Foods": a word he coined in the early 80s dealing with any organic food source that carries a broad spectrum of nutrients. In 1984 he was involved in a cancer research program initiated with Harvard University. 

"The cause of all disease is simply the malnutrition of cells. 
Once we understand this then we can reclaim our birthright  'HEALTH'"

Czerral Wheeler  D.V. Med,  MMBM

“Always remember, life is about choice. What you choose to put in your body and mind will either attract health and well-being or sickness and lack.”           

Czerral Wheeler  D.V. Med, MMBM
Bill Lee-Emery spoke with Czerral Wheeler about probiotics, wellness and the wisdom of the three brains.

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Interview with Czerral Wheeler